What to do to improve the speed of laser innovation
Date:2019-10-14     Access :
Now with the increasing prosperity of the metal processing industry, laser cutting machine development and production also entered a golden period. Economically developed Guangdong Province has become the biggest application market of laser processing equipment, and the brightest laser cutting machine manufacturers also are "gearing up", hope this "flex its muscles." However, in order to occupy the dominant position in the Guangdong market, laser cutting machine manufacturers have to produce high-quality, high-efficiency laser cutting equipment; and to have high-efficiency laser cutting equipment, you must master the core technology.
        China started research and development of laser cutting machine is relatively late, efforts to master the core technology is not enough. In particular, the development of CO2 lasers and fiber lasers. Currently, most of the world's laser core technology lies in the United States and Europe are earlier enterprises, especially CO2 lasers and CO2 slatted fast axial flow lasers most of the core technology. Domestic CO2 laser cutting machine manufacturers in order to produce high quality laser cutting equipment, it must import these core components, and expensive price allows many SMEs prohibitive.
        At present, China CNC laser cutting equipment is still in the low level of technology, and foreign products relatively large compared to the gap, for our businesses, to address the current gap in the market, it is necessary to achieve a breakthrough at the technical level, further the laser and computer numerical control technology, advanced optical systems as well as precision and automation combined T is positioned at the same time, improve the laser speed, accuracy and freedom to meet the needs of future development.

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