Our company consists of some best laser industry technical personals, We joint-venture with both domestic and over-seas laser studies institutions, to develop advanced optics operation models, high precisions, high cutting speed, state of the art automations intelligence, and proven exceptional stabilities in performance laser cutter systems. Our products have been recognized as one of the industry’s best products owing to the above condition.
Our company produces large area metal sheets laser cutter, Nd:YAG cutter, custom designed laser cutting systems for various production applications:Metal processing machineries,Metal sheets forming,Stainless steel products,Steel Kitchen appliances,Jewelries,Spectacles frames,Automotives parts,Metal process productions,Sign boards,Steel furniture,
Lightings... etc.
As we are professionals in producing exceptional quality products, yet we are not afraid of challenges. Instead, we continuously seek for innovations push us further from current successes.
Our company upholds and strictly implies the philosophies of “Quality for life, customers Centricity, and innovative improvements” as enterprise spirits.
Our stuffs strive to create products perfections to satisfy our customers in all ways, and vowed to work with all current and new customers to achieve business successes for both sides.

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