Technology is always in the mainstream industry trends
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The past 10 years, China's laser cutting machine industry has been rapid development with 15% annual growth rate during the fifth, our laser cutting machine industry annual growth rate of 20%. Innovation and technology to enhance the industry so that our laser cutting machine industry has been in the whole wide range of laser cutting machine gradually take their place. At the same time as enhancing our product quality laser cutting machine, the domestic laser cutting machine industry has the world's attention.
        Technology is always in the mainstream industry trends, there is no development of innovative technology industry development there are too many obstacles. I believe in the coming days, after rising and independent R & D efforts of innovative technologies will become truly mainstream domestic laser cutting machine industry. With the development of laser cutting machine industry, laser cutting machine for the needs and requirements are gradually improving. And this increase is more power to bring technology to enhance the industry.
        "At present, the domestic market for high-grade laser cutting machine in great demand, which, hardware, automotive, advertising products industry, the greatest demand on the laser cutting machine." Industry professionals said, "Twelve Five" period, laser cutting machine market The steady upward trend overall, but requires domestic laser cutting machine must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery and so on.
        International markets in recent years, labor costs increased industrial countries, developing countries, especially the forward shift in Southeast Asia. Its domestic production of high precision laser cutting machine based, large amount of manual labor input laser cutting machine to rely on imports. Therefore, affordable laser cutting machine international market potential is huge. As long as the quality of domestic laser cutting machine can be improved, to ensure delivery, laser cutting machine export prospects are very optimistic. In addition, the demand for national standard laser cutting machine is also great. At present, only a small amount of exports.
        In the development of industry in the future, technological innovation is of major technology upgrade is necessary, which is the rapid development of the industry and the market demand is the most important condition. Our laser cutting machine industry, though started late, a long time is the early low-end products as the main, but with the gradual transformation of the new opportunities the industry has been placed in front.

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