In the field of industrial cutting laser cutting machine has
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In China, automobile manufacturers have introduced laser cutting machine and laser welding production lines, demand high-performance laser cutting machine and more urgent, can improve product production efficiency but also to improve component performance.
      In the shipbuilding field, in particular special purpose boats, laser cutting machine has become an essential means of processing is expected in the next 5--10 years, the production needs of this industry will become increasingly large, "sophisticated shipbuilding" coming of age, suggesting a high power CNC laser cutting technology and equipment applications will be more extensive.
      Laser cutting technology, in the field of industrial cutting is a new way of cutting, laser cutting machine technology has conventional cutting techniques can not achieve cutting effect and efficiency. Laser cutting is the use of high power density of the laser beam is scanned over the surface of the material in a very short period of time the material is heated to thousands of first million degrees Celsius, the material is melted or vaporized, and then high-pressure gas melted or vaporized material from the slit In blown away, to achieve the purpose of cutting material.
Laser cutting technology has speed, cut smooth, generally without subsequent processing; small cutting heat-affected zone, small plate deformation, narrow kerf; incision no mechanical stress, no cutting burr; high precision, good repeatability, no damage material surface; NC programming, can be processed any plan, you can format the entire board a great cut, without open mold characteristics, economic time-saving. Laser can cut many types of materials, including glass, wood, plastic and other non-metallic sheet, and stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other metal materials.

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